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The idea behind the Good Practice Forum stems from our training sessions and discussions with academic teachers and people involved in organizing and supporting teaching at the University of Warsaw. We have come to realize that what they need is an opportunity to exchange experiences.

There is a need for a space where those who teach, organize education and do everything to improve the quality of teaching at the University of Warsaw could share the methods they have developed, talk about the difficulties they have faced, look for inspiration, and meet others who face similar challenges on a daily basis.

Therefore, in 2021, we decided to create such an opportunity by organizing the Good Practice Forum – a meeting for academic didactics aimed at sharing innovative and proven methods of teaching online.

In the third edition of this event, we are joining forces with the team from the ‘Excellence in University Didactics’ project to discuss not only good methods used in online teaching and digital learning support but also talk about the methodology of teaching in face-to-face classes, the organization of studies, the ways of improving the competences of teaching staff, and supporting students in the learning process.


The third edition of the Good Practice Forum will take place on 27th June 2023. Based on the success of the previous two editions, we will continue with similar principles and objectives.

  • This will not be a traditional conference but a one-day meeting held online on the Zoom platform. Speakers will have the opportunity to present and briefly discuss the most interesting good ideas developed within the activities carried out at the University of Warsaw.
  • The event will have a dynamic character, with presentations lasting a maximum of 15 minutes. This will allow only the most important and crucial issues to be presented.
  • The process of submitting presentation proposals: we have decided to create a very detailed application form. This will allow us to understand better the proposed topics, create a coherent and logical programme for the Forum, and support the development of the Good Teaching Practice Database, which will be available to all interested didacticians from the University of Warsaw.
  • We invite employees and PhD students of the University of Warsaw to participate in the meeting. We aim to create a safe space where our University community can openly share their successes, challenges, and needs.

The detailed programme will be adjusted to the needs and experiences of the participants, and therefore we will announce it after the application form is closed.