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We would like to invite you to participate actively in the third edition of the Good Practice Forum. The subject matter of the event has been extended this year – it will concern not only good teaching practice applied in online didactics but also in face-to-face teaching. We hope to build the Good Teaching Practice Database, which will be used by our University to promote the best solutions that improve the quality of education. We will accept applications until 12th June 2023.

Submitted proposals should meet the definition of good practice stated in the ‘Excellence in University Didactics’ project:

Best practice is an action taken in the field of:

  •       studies curricula,
  •       teaching methodologies,
  •       organisation of studies,
  •       supporting students in the learning process,
  •       improving the didactic competences of academic teachers,
  •       adaptation of infrastructure to teaching needs,
  •       education in a foreign language,
  •       cooperation with the external stakeholders,


  1.       contributes to improving the quality of learning and teaching,
  2.       is innovative, i.e. it contains new, modified or differently applied solutions that respond to identified needs,
  3.       has been effectively and permanently implemented, is repeatable and each time leads to the achievement of the assumed goals,
  4.       it is realistic and effective and can be used at other universities / in other fields of study / in other classes / with other groups of students,
  5.       does not violate academic norms and customs.

Formal requirements

1. The employees and PHD students of the University of Warsaw are invited to participate in the Good Practice Forum.

2. If you are interested in making a presentation at the Good Practice Forum, please fill in the application form below. This will allow us to understand better the details of the subject matter, create a coherent and logical programme of the GPF, and support the development of the Good Teaching Practice Database, which will be available to all interested didacticians from the University of Warsaw.

3. Since the event is the part of the ‘Excellence in University Didactics’ project, co-financed by the European Social Fund, it will be necessary to fill in the project documents − in addition to the form below. The information on how to fill in the documents will be sent by e-mail.

4. Speaking time should not exceed 15 minutes.

5. Additional materials (presentation − max. 7 slides, set of max. 7 external links etc.) can be used during the presentation.

Submitting presentation proposal

    Good practice metrics

    Study area(s):

    The level of education at which good practice is applied:

    * Good practice refers to:

    Good practice description

    The person reporting the good practice

    * Applicant’s status:

    Consents and declarations